Individual Page Title - Spring Summer 1995.

PON 867, PON 340 and PON 339 - Copacabana, Sari, Daisy

14 swatches, some with foxing, discolouration to page.

We are excited to present these ribbon catalogue sample pages as our first Ephemera Catalogue.

Today Fontanel is known as Oriel & Fontanel and is the biggest supplier of textile ornaments, weaving and embellishment of ribbons and supply some of the biggest luxury retail brands in the world. These sample books were sent to Fontanel customers around the world and each individual catalogue was compiled by hand and would have taken hours of pain-staking work. The actual number of sample books produced in a season is unknown. To our knowledge these catalogues were from a Melbourne, Australia based ribbon importer who may have only had a single seasonal set sent to them each year.

Each A4 size page is mounted on a single card leave so no page is sampled double-sided, the catalogue was comb bound and each leaf has comb holes. There is foxing and markings to pages and some samples which is clearly visible in our photographic images. Many sample pages are more complete than others with some samples/swatches missing and or removed. Nearly all of the ribbons having fine wire through the edging to allow the ribbon to be formed. The horizontal sample ribbon swatches are 130mm to 150mm in length but are glued in a loop. If you were interested in repurposing these for an arts/craft project you would have a full length of ribbon of 260mm-300mm, and account for a potential fold line which may nat be able to be removed.

We have the original catalogue index and have ascribed each page accordingly.

Each individual page will ship in a PVC free ring folder sleeve. We are happy to answer any questions or provide additional images on request.

Fontanel Ribbons Sample Book - Individual Page - Spring Summer 1995



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