48 pages. Good condition. Unmarked copy. Slight discolouration to outside edges of cover. This title contains a single BASIC computer program but is an excellent reference tool that gives a great illustrated overview of electronic games from the early 1980's. Replete with registered trademarks of companies that had mostly gone broke by the late 1980's.


Usborne Publishing had captured a large part of the children's educational book market in the United Kingdom and Australia and published a series of colourful, fully illustrated, instructional books as BASIC computing was being introduced to school curriculums. Many of the books have program listings for a variety of games and puzzles, BASIC conversion charts and glossaries of micro computing jargon. The BASIC programs were designed to run on BBC, ZX Spectrum, ZX81, VIC 20, Pet, Apple, and TRS-80.


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Usborne Guide to Computer and Video Games

  • Author

    Graham, Ian

  • Illustrator

    Round, Graham & Morris, Tony

  • Publisher

    Usborne Publishing

  • Place


  • Date


  • Size

    240mm x 170mm

  • Condition


  • Binding

    Glossy Soft Cover

  • ISBN


  • Pages



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